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Herewith, I want to introduce and give some explication, concerning my creations, that means my future expressionism paintings.
A we all know, we live in a world that apparently has lost all sense of normality.

It begins by our way of living, and it extends to our production of food.

     There is no respect for nature, and our neighborhood in this world of competition.

 It’s only a question of time, when nature will strike back, and without exaggerating; there actually acute signs of this, happening.

We must not forget, that mankind is only a part of nature, and not vice versa.

One must not be a genius to realize,  that nature can effectively exist and subsist without this animal,  called: homo sapiens, sapiens.

     Thanks to haven, there are exceptions; a proverb says, it makes the rule.

Exactly for this exceptional men, with a certain degree of sensibility; I create this paintings, witch are, at my opinion a reflection of nowadays.

     For example: the consumers
We are in a bar with every type of society. The barmaids who are spying for big spenders, ready to sell themselves, and inciting men , by all means to consume: DRINK, EAT, CONSUME, CONSUME….

     You see the stoke-broker studying the stocks , and the exchange courses; he is the slave of his bank, who together with the hedge funds, license hundreds of millions of people: for the only reason of profit.

     You see the smoker, who’s the slave of alcohol, and his tobacco, he faints interest to the television reportage about Africa, but he’s got only eyes for the nice peaches.

Left handed you see the gourmand who’s devouring an entire chicken.:
     Notice the man with his hand on the purse, how anxious he is about spending too much Euros.
And his lady with the 3 carat diamond necklace – I just fixed a glass diamond to increase the effect –   she’s got only her diamonds in her mind, and nothing else.

     The robber spying the diamond lady, thinking over how he could steal the precious stone; just have a look at his eyes; ha-ha.!

You see the dog, who’s stolen a sausage from the bag, and he’s enjoying it.
Even their dogs eat a abundance.
     You see the African lady starving with her child in the African backlands.
Note that most people know the famine only by watching TV reports; here you see a flat screen.

Now finally look at the watch, it says five minutes to twelve.

    You must not forget, that every 5 seconds; there is a child starving, while we are living in abundance

      So why don’t you spend a little money for this, or another organization.
       By all means note its homepage:

Thanks for your interest, and I wish you a nice day, and take care of our nature, and all  creatures living  in it