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The film actors,  are they wrong heroes?

I believe that we do not live any more in the prosperity!

The cost of living does not stop rising, obviously, because of the introduction of the. EURO.

The Germans call it :TEURO. (this wordplay, is a composition of: TEUER  =EXPENSIVELY    and   EURO.)

     Did you possibly already think, how much, all these films to cost?

Billions and billions in Euro are spent, in order to meet our pleasure.

Films, which poison our Spirit, and those of  joung people; and are  stimulating the juvenile criminality,

     The real life does not have anything to do  with this glorification of these heroes in such a way specified.

     Many people behave, as if they would come out from a Western, or a crime film.

One must change our conception; concerning these heroes in such a way specified.

Probably many of these artists earn.  the respect,  as an artist of the 7th. Art.

     But many people let themselves obviously affect by these characters, as if it would concern articles of fashion.  

     Concerning those films, which often are from a such cruelty, banality and a stupidity- believe me- n all sincerity, sometimes I have to struggle with the temptation,  to throw  the TV from the window.

      The cure is surely a critical selection of films, and, these film actors and film actresses in such a way specified as superheroes.

      I personally, watch out, what  I eat, what  I touch, and what  I look at.

 Because the stupidity is a high-sticking desease.

 According to the theory of the evolution of mankind, this happened in millions of years, but the decrease can take place in some hundred years! .      

This is a substantial law of nature!

Just have a look at  Ushuaia Tv

© copyright by Pietro Broglio